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For Publishers

Why join the Press Council?

Any publication's most valuable asset is its credibility and trust in the eyes of the public. Membership enhances your credibility, as you have become accountable to a body that endeavours to enhance ethical, responsible FAIR journalism. Membership sensitises journalists to report ethically and responsibly. In addition, members are exempted from the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), as they subscribe to the Press Code.

Who can join the Press Council?

Any publication, whether it is a printed newspaper, a magazine, or an online news website, may join the Press Council as a Subscribing Publication.

What does it cost to become a Subscribing Publication of the Press Council?

We charge a small fee for all subscriber members and this is reviewed and increased annually.
Please email Millicent Gumede at [email protected] for more information

What do Subscribing Publications have to do?

Publications should display the logo of the Press Council in the publication, publicise the Complaints Procedures, display the Press Code in the newsroom and ensure that all practising journalists at the publication are familiar with the Press Code and its application. The publications need to respond timeously to complaints, subject themselves to the decision made by the Press Ombud or the Chair of Appeals and pay their annual membership fee.

Does the Press Council offer training on the Press Code?

Yes. Members may request the Executive Director to conduct a seminar on the Code. Also available is the booklet, Decoding the Code – sentence by sentence, written by a former Press Ombud